A decade ago, Qurathulain Raja, an artist more affectionately known as Leena, founded her company – Nakreze Enterprise.

Her company handles two of her businesses, which are Nakreze Mehndi for henna services, and Nakreze Beauty for makeup and beauty services. Both have their own social media pages on Facebook and Instagram.

Leena comes from a Pakistani Punjabi background and spent her early childhood in Manly, Australia and was later brought up in Malaysia. In 2016, she then moved to Hamburg, Germany for two years to explore and venture her market further. Leena has had the best chances and experiences in providing henna services in different continents, gaining more knowledge each time. Creating henna designs provide as sense of calmness. Therapeutic, even! With a passion for art since she was young, she was self-taught.

For 10 years running, she continuously publicizes her work on Facebook and Instagram, which have gained many followers and clients.

This has opened many doors of opportunities to explore the mehndi world even further.

In 2012, Leena and her team had a photoshoot on New Age Henna, which focused on glitz and Swarovski stones in henna designs. This trend was relatively new back then in Malaysia, making it very unique and the photoshoot garnered positive feedbacks and reactions from the public. She then had more photoshoots after with artistic concepts such as Kazakh Mehndi and Creative Zardosi. Leena has been labeled as the first in Malaysia to provide ‘Zardosi Mehndi‘ as a service.

Nakreze Mehndi is INCHA certified and has been featured in Malaysia’s number 1 wedding magazine, SHAADI MAGAZINE in 2 editions and FEVER MAGAZINE back in 2013.

Nakreze Mehndi is also the first mehndi artist to launch her website solely on mehndi services within Malaysia.

Not only that, she is also the first to start Henna Conference in Malaysia.

Leena has done henna for bridal events in Peninsular Malaysia and has been involved with events such as Vaisakhi Open House held in 2012 at Dataran Merdeka (where Malaysia’s Independence was announced in 1957), Vaisakhi events 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017.

Apart from that, many universities have had the pleasure of having Nakreze Mehndi at their events such as Monash Universities Cultural Events and SEGi University Cultural Events.Nakreze Mehndi also took part in MAKNA Cancer Charity Event in Putrajaya.

Nakreze Mehndi has also travelled to Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, Singapore, and Germany for Bridal henna services.

In August 2019, Leena was invited as a guest speaker for a henna conference held in Singapore by Henna Asia.

Nakreze Mehndi currently provides private classes for those who are interested in learning about henna and henna designs. And now, Leena has taken one step further and ventured into makeup and beauty industry with Nakreze Beauty.

She has done makeup services, came up with her new lash line and beauty services such as eyebrow henna and hair henna that cater to all clients’ needs.

Leena appreciates her interactions with clients and if you are in need for further information, contact her and get in touch now.