Congratulations! You’re getting your hands stained!

“As a mehndi artist I am to provide the best results possible to all my clients. I have established the smoothest, finest and darkest stains possible for the best color results”.

Bridal mehndi, brides most important self-beautification for any Indian or let’s just say Eastern weddings. Intricate and full length mehndi is one of the most common choices. Brides are able to consult Nakreze Mehndi during trials or online although designs are done freehand as Nakreze Mehndi takes the stress to think of new patterns for every bride and never repeated. A happy bride is a bride with maroon and brown natural mehndi stain. Only high quality henna powder coming all the way from Jhelum, Pakistan and Rajasthan, India is used for this very special occasion.

Consultation – Confirmed bookings by clients get a FREE one hour trial consultation with Nakreze Mehndi. During this hour, we discuss about client’s requirements and other specifications.

Mehndi e Rasm – It’s finally the time for the mend ceremony to take place and for you to relax and let the artist design your hands. Clients that need additional mehndi services for the guests and relatives are welcome consult Nakreze Mehndi and receive quotations on non-bridal mehndi.

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