Bridal Mehndi

  • RM500 – till wrist and feet till ankle
  • RM650 – till mid wrist and feet , 2 inches above ankle
  • RM850 – till elbow and feet, 2 inches above ankle
  • RM1050 – above elbow or arms and feet, 2 inches above ankle
  • RM1250 – till elbow and feet design till calf area
  • RM1450 – till above elbow or arms and feet design till knee
  • RM1600- above elbow and feet till knee covering calve area

* Nakreze Mehndi takes between 3 to 5 hours for bridal henna.


Mehndi for guest/events

  • 1 Hour Mehndi Session RM200. Additional RM150 following hour.
  • 1 hour is enough to do about 10 people

*additional charges would apply for more than one artist.

*standard simple designs


Engagement Mehndi (simple designs) 

  • RM200 – till wrist
  • RM250 – till mid wrist
  • RM300 – till elbow
  • Additional RM100 for design on feet

*if you’d like bridal/intricate work, charges would be the same as bridal charges


Zardosi Mehndi / White Henna (glitters and swarovski stones)

  • RM200 – back hands only·
  • RM250 – detailed work till wrist·
  • RM300 – hands and feet·
  • RM150 – additional design

Body Art

This defers base on client requirements, however body art rate starts from RM300 onwards.

Additional Info 

We would like to ensure that we are able to deliver but because Nakreze Mehndi travels for henna, we would like to make sure that accommodations and timing of henna is discussed with a mutual agreement.

The artist priorities safety as well, so please note that if there is any delay with the appointment that causes the artist to travel late night pass 10pm, the artist has the right to accommodation or extra charges will apply.




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