The artistic journey for Qurathulain started at the age 16, using leftover mehndi paste that her mother uses to color her hair. As years went by, she realized that her artistic drawings had transferred into a whole new prospect for her future. Qurathulain’s work of art now has emerged to doing bridal mehndi and events to craft and her designs usually incorporate with her Pakistani heritage.

She has been called to do mehndi for weddings, events, and parties. Her designs are done freehanded and paste are mixed from home to ensure pure quality paste. This has allowed her to explore her own artistic capability and leaving only beautiful results for Nakreze Mehndi’s clients and letting them enjoy their fabulous moments. Qurathulain takes great satisfaction in the art she does. She majors in Arabic / Pakistani designs and has evolved into IndoArabic designs, Indian designs, Moroccan designs and modern designs as well.


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Henna (also mehndi) is a temporary body art resulting from staining of the skin from dyes derived from the plant Lawsonia inermis. Henna leaves are dried and crushed into powder form and prepared as paste before application on the skin, nails and hair. Essential oils and sometimes sugar or molasses are added into the paste to enhance the staining quality improve the paste consistency.

The stain from henna usually lasts for up to three weeks, depending on the after care and how frequent the skin is exfoliated. Henna stain is usually bright orange in colour on the first few days and becomes darker reddish or brownish colour as it oxidizes. Natural henna pastes have short shelf lifespan due to the natural ingredients used. That’s why Nakreze Mehndi henna pastes are made fresh based on order instead of pre-made like many retail henna.

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