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To purchase the items shown below, please email me and include the following information:


Item Code: C1
Price: MYR 25.00

Item Code: C2
Price: MYR 30.00

Item Code: C3
Price: MYR 30.00

Item Code: C9
Price: MYR 10.00

Item Code: C10
Price: MYR 20.00
Note: Scented candle

Item Code: C11
Price: MYR 15.00

Item Code: C12
Price: MYR 35.00

Item Code: C14
Price: MYR 25.00 (L)
Price: MYR 15.00 (S)

Ordering Information:

If you have any specific requirements regarding the candle's colour, design, size, scented or unscented, please include the information in your email order.

Please allow up to 10 days for Nakreze Mehndi to prepare your order as each candle is made-to-order.
Nakreze Mehndi will notify buyer by email when an order is shipped out.

Shipping: MYR 10.00 for up to 4 candles per shipment within Malaysia via PosLaju. International shipping cost will be quoted based on recipient's address and total order weight.
Nakreze Mehndi will prepare a shipping cost quote for each combined order (order with more than 1 type of items).
Local delivery time is around 3-4 days, but may vary depending on consignee's address and holidays.

Payment: Nakreze Mehndi accepts Paypal (both local and international orders) and Bank Transfer (local orders only). Payment information will be sent once an order inquiry is received.

Alternatively, you may bank in the payment to our account:

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