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The artistic journey for Qurathulain started at the age 16, using leftover mehndi paste that her mother uses to color her hair. As years went by, she realized that her artistic drawings had transferred into a whole new prospect for her future. Qurathulain's work of art now has emerged to doing bridal mehndi and events to craft and her designs usually incorporate with her Pakistani heritage. Coming from a Pakistani Punjabi heritage, her designs usually reflect around the things that she has observed relating to her culture such as Islamic architecture, nature and evolve as she continues to draw.

She has been called to do mehndi for weddings, events, and parties. Her designs are done freehanded and paste are mixed from home to ensure pure quality paste. This has allowed her to explore her own artistic capability and leaving only beautiful results for Nakreze Mehndi's clients and letting them enjoy their fabulous moments. Qurathulain takes great satisfaction in the art she does. She majors in Arabic / Pakistani designs and has evolved into IndoArabic designs, Indian designs, Moroccan designs and modern designs as well.

Creativity to innovation by introducing Zardosi mehndi (glitz and swarovski stones) to the local market has been a great turning point. Some of her best photo shoots were New Age Mehndi and Kazakh Mehndi.

The name origin - Nakreze which means henna in the Pashto language and is actually pronounced as (nak-re-zay)

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Henna bookings within Germany between January until March & July until October are open.

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Deepavali Henna Times Square KL 2016
IKEA Deepavali Henna 2015 & 2016 at Damansara Cheras

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